Copy-Paste Finally on iPhone

iPhone OS 3.0I saw today on MacRumors that  iPhone finally gets the long awaited “copy and paste” feature.

One of the major sources of the flash news,  Diggnation, a live video show by Kevin Rose, the co-founder of Digg, iPhone’s next generation operating system and its new features including the “copy-and-paste” is revealed. (Warning, strong language in the video!)

What’s more, other sources such as Engadget and Ars Technica also report that Apple has invited some select media members for a special event held in its campus in Cupertino on March 17th. This special media  event will give a preview of the next major operating system upgrade for the iPhone  namely iPhone OS 3.0 and “copy-paste” is among the new features as well as the rumored MMS and tethering.

Unlike the “copy-and-paste” function which is very likely to come true, the rumored upcoming features, MMS would finally offer iPhone users the ability to send photos or multimedia by way of SMS, and tethering would allow you to share your iPhone’s internet connection with your laptop computer via wi-fi.


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