Mac Basics

Cross-platform working on a Mac

New to Macs, or interested in how they work? At the heart of every Mac lies the macOS operating system what used to be called Mac OS X.

Mac Basics page here provides some video tutorials on how things work on Macs and how you can work with Macs. Some of these tutorials will also explicitly indicate what aspects are especially different than Windows PCs, and you will also find at least one video showing you a couple of ways to run Windows on Macs.

Note: The videos on this page have been out of order for a while, but Maclord webmaster is back as of 2017 and is gradually fixing things with a mission to put things back in line and make the entire web site even better. The videos are somewhat old some of which might be quite outdated however they will be updated in the near future reflecting the features of latest version of macOS and Apple technology.


The Anatomy of a Mac

Find out what Macs are like and how they work at a glance.

Windows on Mac

Learn how to run Windows on a Mac:

Windows can be run natively on a Mac as if it is a PC, or it can be run on macOS using “virtualization” software which enables using both macOS and Windows operating systems simultaneously (Windows then running on a virtual machine).


Switching to Mac from a PC – The Basics

The fundamental differences between using a PC and a Mac, and how to adapt to using a Mac switching from a PC.

PC to Mac Basics


Finder Basics

Finder is the file “explorer” of the Mac. Here’s how Finder works:


Exposé and Stacks

Cluttered screen? See how to sort things around:


Apple Mail Basics

Apple Mail on the Mac at a glance:

How Apple Mail works on a Mac and how it is different (and faster) than any other hard client for e-mail.


Time Machine Basics

Mac’s have a built-in backup/restore software called TimeMachine:

Basics of Time Machine – an automatic backup system on a Mac. Super easy to browse backup history and restore anything.


More Mac tutorials and tutorial videos might be added in the future. Use the contact form to petition for us to make and publish them as soon as possible, also to get notified of updates if you wish.

Apple iMac MB950LL/A 21.5-Inch Desktop

Apple Mac mini MC238LL/A Desktop

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