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How to easily open UIF disk images on the Mac and convert to .iso format

UIF2ISO MacPopular among Windows PC users .Uif is an alternative disk image format to others like .iso.img and .bin-.cue couples.

You can open and convert UIF disk images on Mac OS X using one of the following disk image utilities:

  1. Uif2iso which is a cross-platform command-line tool developed by Luigi Auriemma.
  2. Uif2iso4mac a GUI application by Torsten Curdt . Uif2iso4mac is built upon  Luigi Auriemma’s uif2iso command line utility with a Mac graphic user interface adding basic functionalities of a real Mac app like drag-and-drop and a menu bar i.e. choosing an image using the File > Open menu.

With both utilities, conversion of UIF to ISO format is pretty much straight-forward.

How to use UIF 2 ISO on the Mac

The easy way

Quick Tip: Drag the Uif2iso4mac icon to your dock, once you have decided the appropriate location for this utility app.

  • Drag the UIF image you want to convert onto the Uif2iso4mac icon and that’s it – conversion to the .iso format is automatic. You can then either double-click the converted iso disk image to get it mounted on the Mac or open it with Disk Utility or a 3rd party app like Roxio Toast to burn the image to a CD-R or DVD-R disk.

The geeky way

If you are one of those command line wizs, you may want to use Luigi Auriemma’s Uif2iso command-line tool.

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