BootCamp Windows 10 Drivers for Mac v6.0


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Version 6.0
Date added 21/06/2016
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This download contains the Windows Support Software (Windows Drivers) you need to support 64 bit versions of Windows 10 on your Mac.
The contents of this Bootcamp driver download has been tested to function alright with Windows 10 installed on a 2012 MacBook Pro 15” Retina.

This Windows Driver software was obtained from a 3rd party and mirrored here, because Apple BootCamp Assistant on OS X Yosemite failed to download correct drivers which functioned neither on Windows 7 nor Windows 10 installed on the Bootcamp partition of a mid-2012 MacBook Pro Retina 15” (incident dated 20 June 2016).

For more information on which operating systems are supported on different Mac systems, click here:

Bootcamp Installation Instructions:

  1. The download file is a .zip file. Double click it to uncompress it, if it is not automatically uncompressed.
  2. Double-click the Boot Camp5 folder.
  3. Copy the entire contents of the .zip file to the root level of a USB flash drive or hard drive that is formatted with the FAT file system.
  4. When running Windows, locate the Boot Camp folder on the USB media you created in Step 3 and double click to open it.
  5. Double click on setup to start installing the Boot Camp Support Software.
  6. When prompted to allow changes, click on Yes and follow the onscreen instructions.
  7. Installation can take a few minutes. Don’t interrupt the installation process. When installation is complete, click Finish in the dialog that appears.
  8. A system restart dialog box appears. Click Yes to complete the installation.

For more information on Boot Camp, visit

For Apple’s support note on using Windows 10 on your Mac with Boot Camp, visit

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