Why I downgraded my third generation iPod Nano to the second generation

Disclaimer: This article contains text for informative purposes only and does not necessarily intend to encourage you to apply the procedures described which could lead to damaging your iPod.

3rd generation iPod nanoIt all started when I discovered the Facebook birthday calendar exporter application which exports an iCal-compatible (.ics) file featuring birthdays of all your Facebook contacts as calendar events. As a die-hard Mac and iPod user, I saw this opportunity of synchronizing the birthdays of all my friends on Facebook first with my Mac’s iCal application and then with my third generation iPod Nano. In the end, it would have been very interesting to get automatic notifications of my friends’ upcoming birthdays via iCal or check them manually on my iPod.

The process begins by adding the “Birthday Exporter” application on your Facebook account. On the application’s home page, there’s simply a single link which will export an .ics file including the birth-dates of all your contacts. When you double-click this file on the Mac, iCal is automatically launched and asks you to select a destination calendar to add the birthdays as events to the iCal database. (On the PC, it should launch Outlook if present and invoke a similar process – however I never tested this on the PC.)

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