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Comment agrandir les fenêtres de Safari à pleine-page sur Mac ?

Une des choses les plus ennuyantes et les plus frustrants particulièrement pour ceux qui ont passé à Mac de Windows est ce que le bouton pour agrandir les fenetres au maximum (le petit bouton vert rond avec un symbol ‘+’ qui se trouve au coin supérieur-gauche de chaque fenêtre) comporte différemment sur le Mac que Windows dans la plupart des cas.

One of the most annoying and frustrating thing especially so called Windows-converts (i.e. people who « switch to the Mac » from Windows) on Mac OS X is that the maximize button (the small round green button with a ‘+’ sign on the upper-left corner of every window acts differently on Mac than Windows in most cases. In fact, the maximize button behavior varies from application to application on the Mac, and unlike on Windows, it does not necesseraly maximize the window, but just change its dimensions. (See below for details and a work-around solution to making windows full-screen on web browsers such as Safari)

On windows, the maximize button – where the term « maximize » is inherent from Windows operating system anyway – simply enlarges a window to almost full screen except that the window’s title bar, menu bar and the task bar remains visible and the remaining space is allocated to the window and its contents. On the Mac, however, this may not exactly be the case – especially when using Safari.
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